Tools for Renoise

This page is dedicated to a collection of public domain tools that I’ve written for Renoise. Some of these are also available on my Renoise Tools page (on the Renoise official site).

Please note that these are provided as is, with no guarantees whatsoever and also understand that I will not be held liable for damages. I have written these tools for my needs and and tested them in my situation, so I can only hope they are valuable to you. If they are very useful to you, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


Instruments – Sample Synthesis and Sample Management

Overtune v2.5.982
allows creating your own single-cycle waves and thus synthesizer sounds with custom overtones with use of the lua math library (that sounds more complicated than it is!) >download here >see page

AwesomeSawce v1.1
adds advanced detune/unison effect, particularly effective with single-cycle waves (and to make supersaw of course) >download here >see page

Mash Up v1.5
makes a new instrument with random sequence of the slices in the current instrument (beat mangler / granular mixup) – in alpha, but you can >download here

Note Repeat v1
adds a keyboard shortcut to easily transform a single drumhit sample into a ‘note repeat’ instrument by adding various amounts of silence time / cutting sample off quickly and looping – reminiscent of note repeat function made famous by Akai machines >download here

Sloper v1.0
adds extra methods of fade in/fade out sample editing, called “Sloper in/out…”. These allow you to do (any) exponential, square root, cosine, and atan fades and boosts, with high and low values ranging from 0% to 200%. Keyboard operable, >download here

TempoTool v1.2
very simple tool that allows you to set the song tempo from the sample length. The idea is you cut out a perfect loop from something, set its supposed duration in pattern lines in the Beat Sync option, and then right click the sample > Adjust Tempo to Sample/Loop >download here

Instruments – Management

Auto Add New Instrument v1.2
adds Numpad + and – replacements that will add a fresh new instrument if you try to go beyond the last instrument in the list. – will also remove the last one if it’s empty. Find it in the Keys section of preferences by searching for “select or” >download here

Auto Select Instrument v1
adds a feature to keep the instrument selected that’s used in the current track – there’s two differences from the Renoise built-in feature: it doesn’t trigger on a new pattern played, only on track select; and it displays a status bar message when it’s switched on or off >download here

Duplicate Sample v1
adds a shortcut key for duplicate sample (if launched from keyzones view, also duplicates layers) – superceded by Instrument Mixer >download here

Instrument Mixer v1.12
adds a shortcut key to launch a fully keyboard-operable mixer window for multi-sample instruments >download here

LayerAll v1.2
adds a shortcut key to just use all the samples in an instrument on all the keys; also aligns base notes >download here

MidiZoomSelect v1
adds midi bindables for zooming, selection, and loop marking with midi messages – copied from Basement >download here

Slice n Exact v1
adds a shortcut key to split up a perfect loop (e.g. you’ve just rendered 4 beats or 4 bars of music) in equal pieces (100% keyboard operated with the arrow keys and esc/enter) >download here

Slice Master v1
adds a shortcut key to copy sample settings (volume, panning, transpose, finetune, nna, loop mode, interpolation mode, and beat sync) from the first sample in an instrument – useful when you already sliced a beat, but forgot loop settings or want to try out transpose settings >download here

Pattern Editor – Shortcuts

Add FX Column v1
adds shortcut keys for adding/removing effect column in the current track in the pattern editor, even if you want to reduce to zero or if you need to add the first >download here

Block Loop Size v1
adds shortcut keys for halving or doubling the current block loop size (the 1/4 sign just below the transport controls) >download here

Extend Selection v0.3
adds shortcut keys for setting selection horizontal boundaries: current selection plus everything left of it, right of it, all tracks. Now also adds a ‘Note Solo’ mode that will not adjust the selection but just cut every note in the pattern in the same time frame / line frame as the selection. >download here

Clean Drums v1
adds a shortcut key for quickly removing all Note-Offs in current track >download here

Edit Step Tools v1.2
adds shortcut keys to instantly set the edit step to an x amount of beats (x being 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8) >download here

Get Ya Tracks Right v2
adds shortcut keys for customised insertion of new tracks (namely, tracks get the same color as the current, and some extra send track auto-routing) >download here

Group Selected Tracks v1
replacement for the ‘add group’ shortcut that checks if you have selection spanning multiple tracks in the editor – if you do, it’ll add all these tracks to the group immediately >download here

Midi Step v1
adds  a midi control to select the edit step with only ‘logical’ values (.., 8, 10, 12, 16, 24, 32, 48, 64) >download here

MiniTab v1
adds a keyboard shortcut to tab through the effect command columns, too >download here

PDub v1
adds a keyboard shortcut to simply duplicate the current pattern ‘in-pattern’ >download here

Mixing and Effects – Management

KB Mixer v1 (beta)
adds shortcut keys to mute tracks within a group >download here

Lord Of The Things v0.1 (beta)
adds a shortcut key with a custom window to quickly hook a *Hydra device to multiple targets, and configurations – e.g. you can quickly set the “A” and “B” scene like on a Octatrack >download here

Meta Micro v1
adds a shortcut key to configure cv routing of selected meta device with keyboard – works with all devices except (at this point in time) *Hydra and *XYPad >download here

Mix Down Track v1
creates a ‘submaster’ bus track (handy for native-only parallel compression, trying different mastering chains, etc.) >download here

Mono Delay v2
makes it possible to mark a (native) delay device as ‘mono’, that is, left&right channels will always have the exact same timing and feedback >download here

Render Track No FX v0.1adds shortcut keys and menu entries to render a single track without the FX on it and the master channel (restores the FX afterwards) >download here

Reorganize Envelopes v1
adds a shortcut keys to instantly deactivate and minimize unbound LFOs, and one to minimize all deactivated devices in current track >download here

Show Parameters v2
configure which device parameters are visible in the mixer view (song-wide or track-wise), also publishes a keyboard shortcut to instantly show/hide all parameters of  current device in the mixer >download here

Sir Dancealot v2
adds a shortcut key to insert a new effect device at a defined place in the DSP line (keyboard-controllable; also useful to gain “screen real estate” by closing the normal renoise effect device list) >download here

Transport Control

Hammer Time v0.1 (beta)
adds a shortcut key with a separate window to track/count (down) beats and bars >download here

Play and Loop Pattern v1
adds a shortcut key that will start playing the current pattern, looping it, or if playing already, just toggle the loop button (NumPad Enter behaviour for pattern loop) >download here

Midi Skip v1.1.1.1
adds a midi control to select the current position of either the edit cursor or the playback cursor within the current pattern >download here

Basement v0.7
a ton of handy controller stuff for my MPK mini – too feature packed to explain here, for now >download here

Mixing and Effects – Groove

Push Back v1.1
makes shifting every even or every odd note very easy by adding a midi control that makes use of the current edit step value to modify delay value, now also with extra volume and panning column controls >download here

Push Back Keys v1
same as Push Back, but pc keyboard operated (use up / down to adjust in single steps, left/right for steps of 16) >download here

Laydee v1
enables setting a tracks output delay in delay-column values >download here

Shove Back v1
not unlike Push Back, but keeps track of what was already pushed, i.e. existing delay values >download here

Views – Shortcuts

Best Views v1
adds some keyboard shortcuts for easier view navigation by keyboard, meant for use on laptop/”HD ready” screen resolution (where you can almost never have the upper and lower frame visible at the same time). Added shortcuts: Rotate upper frame, Rotate lower frame, Hide upper and lower frame (called Clear View), shortcuts for the middle frame views. >download here

Recent Files v2
adds keyboard shortcuts to access recently saved/loaded files 1 through 10 directly, and a keyboard shortcut to first see the filenames before you simply press a number to load that file >download here